Belly Dance classes

Courses and Classes in Liverpool and Wirral 

Also, Group Classes and Private Lessons. Performances by arrangement.  

Dance for all levels! Complete beginners welcome!

Classes are in The Bluecoat  Liverpool 1

Time: 6.30-7.30 pm for five weeks 

Price: £40 for 5 lessons

Starts Tuesdays from 2nd May   

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Contact for details of other forthcoming classes and workshops elsewhere.

Learn to dance with an experienced professional dancer and qualified teacher. Tone up, get fit, make friends, enhance confidence and experience beautiful and creative movement.  

All ages, cultures, body types, and sexualities are welcome. 

Release your inner goddess in a safe, supportive space.

Learn the dance and connect with others.

Cabaret, Folkloric, Oriental, Bollywood, Fusions, Healing dance, improvisation, Yoga, Choreography, performance. Call 07944564302 if you have any questions.

Full payment before class is required for participation, pay by using the Eventbrite link above, PayPal or contact for BACs payment.

Read Ishtar's Dance Biog

Belly Dance Technique / Props / Cabaret / Folkloric / Fusion / Well-being Liverpool Bluecoat and Wallasey, Tuesday/Wednesday 

Classes by Ishtar / MSc/ BA Hons/ City and Guilds teaching cert / IIHHt Holistic therapies / Insured /DBS checked.  

Ishtar, Wirral's Goddess - Wirral Globe. Ishtar is spectacular we are completely mesmerized and inspired by her incredible belly dance routine - Kindred Spirit

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Dance at The school of Ishtar -the longest-established  Belly Dance School in Merseyside! (as seen on TV).  

Watch Promo Video Free Online Classes! Try Belly Dance or use it for Practice.

Watch Ishtar performing or  watch Ishtar students performing

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Private Lessons-Total beginners to advanced. Technique, wellbeing, custom choreography.

Class pictures    SKYPE lessons and Private Lessons

   " These sessions are great fun. There is a lovely atmosphere, and I always leave us feeling really re-energized, like I can take on the world!b I am naturally quite shy and had worried beforehand about feeling self-conscious, but these fears quickly went at my taster session. No special clothes are needed, just something you feel comfortable in, although I'd recommend trousers (leggings or jogging/yoga bottoms). It's great for toning up & a natural confidence booster. Don't worry if you are going alone, as most other ladies and I seem to be. Also, there is a mix of ages, shapes & sizes, so please don't let body image put you off. I enjoy the well-earned 'me time' hour, although my son doesn't appreciate me practicing in the kitchen!! "

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  The program teaches dance professionally, creating quick results in learning dance and improving fitness, flexibility, and confidence.

Styles taught include cabaret and folkloric forms from Egypt, Turkey, and the Gulf. Bollywood dance is also explored. Props taught include; Sword, veil, stick, zill’s (finger cymbals), and choreography. Chances to dance with snakes for those who want to!

Classes are for beginners to advanced dance practitioners. The courses and lessons are suitable for women and girls aged from 10 upwards. All body types and nationalities are welcome.

Classes often involve yoga and other movement/energy systems. Mixed with belly dance, this unique synergy can improve weight loss, beauty, posture, stamina, flexibility, and confidence.

Ishtar's classes have a diversity and inclusion policy and acceptance of difference. Bitchiness, exclusion, and discrimination are forbidden in Ishtar's classes. 

Ishtar practices an ethical approach to teaching dance that condemns spreading malicious gossip about other teachers/dancers. Very competitive behaviour is rejected, so please don't come if this does not sound like your type of environment. Established students share these core beliefs.

In belly dance classes, you can be part of a community that studies show improves health and well-being. It is general knowledge that physical movement is essential to health and happiness. Body acceptance is fostered by Belly dance, unlike other dance forms, which can create negative body perceptions in those over a size 8. Slim girls, big girls, and everyone in between can all look excellent belly dancing!

Opportunities for performance (for those who wish).

These classes provide a great opportunity to socialise and engage with supportive women of all ages, body types, and nationalities. (Trans-women, as well as gay men and women, are very welcome).

Frequently Asked Questions 

To chat about belly dance classes, please call 079445643      

What to wear? 

It is up to you: dress as up or down as much as you want! However, wearing loose and comfortable clothes like leggings, dance pants, any top, and a scarf around the hips is best. 

Look at class pictures. These pics show people in-class training and performing at student shows wearing cabaret, Bollywood, and folkloric costumes.

Am I too old/fat/thin/petite/tall to belly dance? 

NO! Belly dancers are of all shapes and sizes. Belly Dance is for women of all ages, nationalities, and sexualities. 

Children's classes  -I have taught in many schools nationally, teaching Bellydance for children aged four and upwards.

.Do you hold private lessons?

 Yes! Contact me at for details.

Will it help me lose weight? Like all aerobic exercise, it can help you burn around 500 calories an hour. My classes are designed to have aerobic benefits. However, you will need to do it a few times a week at home.

Will it help me tone up? Yes! If you keep at it! My classes also include stretching, stamina, and conditioning exercises. 

How long will it take me to learn?  How long is a piece of string? It depends on how often you come to class and how often you practice. Using the Arabesque Video between classes will greatly enhance your learning - I have seen people performing after only six months and looking lovely.

Do I have to show my belly

Only if you want to; it's fine to keep your belly covered.

What will a typical course consist of?

 It will be a selection of the aspects mentioned in class details. I hold workshops and small group sessions to develop various strands of Bellydance. Classes will give an introduction but may focus on one element per course. Each lesson will have a significant component of stretching and conditioning moves and techniques.

Ask a health professional if you have any health concerns. Belly Dance can help alleviate various mental and physical health problems. The class has floor work exercises, so it may not suit those who cannot get onto the floor.

Is it you who teaches all the classes? 

Most of them. If I can't, it will be someone fab who takes the class.

Ishtar I want to perform any chance of you helping me do this? 

Of course! I organise shows for this reason. To be involved, You will have to commit yourself to rehearsals.

Ishtar I really don't want to perform. Will I be pressured to do this?

Of course not.

Can men join? 

Yes, as well as anyone who defines themselves as a  woman nonbinary/gender fluid is welcome. 

 I feel shy and insecure.

 Please don’t worry; lots of people feel this way. Belly dance makes people feel much more confident. My classes are filled with lovely, friendly women who will make you welcome.

Ishtar, what experience of belly dance have you got? Do you have any teaching or other qualifications? 

Please see my biog here!

Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions. 

Private and Online Lessons

Take place in Ishtar's mirrored dance studio.£10 deposit is required lesson to pay  ONLY after you contact Ishtar, to negotiate a mutually convenient time for your lesson.

Email:  M: 07944 564 302

Complete beginners to advanced. From one to three people.

Learn basic to advanced belly dance.

Focus on technique, creative application, and performance skills.

Develop your own unique choreography.-A choreography designed to bring out the best in you 

Props -Sword, Stick, Veil, Zills, candelabra, veil  fans

Yoga for dancers

Belly dance for fitness, confidence, and body shaping

Spiritual belly dance. Goddess archetypes

Healing Zaar Trance

Ishtar may consider using your venue to teach lessons, but travel expenses/time will be added.